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What is the difference between Anti-perspirant and Deodorant?


Why is Our Deodorant Different?

Most people find that a lot of natural deodorants don�t work that well, or make them smell like a Tea-Tree Forrest. We spent a year formulating a new method that uses edible, non smelly ingredients that control bacteria. No bacteria, no smell. Perspiration continues as it should (does blocking closed sweat ducts sound healthy?) but we smell fresh as a daisy.

We hope you enjoy.


An anti-perspirant blocks the sweat ducts altogether, usually with an Aluminium compound that enters the cells causing them to swell and block the sweat ducts. A deodorant allows perspiration, but use a number of methods to prevent odour causing bacteria.

Why do many Aluminium Free Deodorants not work well?

Many are formulated using Aloe Vera and Essential Oils. These are not enough to stop odor causing bacteria in our opinion. We do not use these to make our deodorant work and instead created a totally new aluminium free formula.

Why we made our Deodorant Aluminium Free.

One of the major manufacturers of Aluminium based anti-perspirant says that they work by "coating the armpit in a gel". This sounds nice enough but unfortunately is not the whole story. According to dermatologists, they work  by using aluminium ions to enter the cells of the body, causing them to swell and  and block the sweat glands. (Dr. Eric Hanson of the UNC Department of Dermatology)

Why are the manufacturers being coy about explaining how the Aluminium in Anti-Pesrpirant works?

Perhaps because for most people, the thought of having Aluminium inside the cells in this particular area of the body does not sound too healthy. We also wonder what happens inside blocked sweat glands?

When we looked more deeply into Anti-Perspirant, we found a number of published studies that concerned us.


Deodorant Cream

No Crystals. No Tea-Tree Forest. Definitely No Aluminium.

Myrtle not Metal (For those that have found "Natural Deodorants Never Work!")


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