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Activated Organic Pecans 1kg by 2die4 Live Foods

2die4's Activated Pecans are Australian and certified Organic. The Pecan Nut (carya illinoiseis) is a native of North America, the word �pecan� being of Algonquin tribal origin, meaning �nuts needing stone to crack�. Also known as �hickory� nut....

But they were known in China some 5000 years ago...and they were gathered by the Romans. Pliny, in fact, claims they originated in Damascus. The Chinese have a saying � �10 pecans a day = no stress�.

The pecans are soaked (sprouted) to release their enzyme inhibitors, activated nuts are more easily digested than raw or roasted nuts, allowing for greater absorption of nutrients. Pecans are great for cardiovascular health and naturally contain no cholesterol. They have the natural ability to regulate cholesterol levels and not only reduce LDL ('bad') cholesterol but increase HDL ('good') cholesterol.

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