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Astra 8� Immune Tonic boosts your defences against recurrent colds, flu and sore throats, and helps you bounce back from these minor infections.

Features and benefits

  • High potency immune-boosting formula combining herbs traditionally used in Chinese medicine to promote a healthy immune system and build resistance against minor infections.
  • May assist in the management of recurrent upper respiratory tract infections , including colds , flu and sore throat.
  • Suitable for use throughout winter by adults and children over 2 years old who are prone to recurrent sore throats, colds and flu , and to aid the management of chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • When taken after colds and flu, Astra 8� Immune Tonic may support recovery , enhance energy and vitality , reduce muscle aches , and help rebuild resistance against further minor infections (Taking Cough Lung Tonic at the same time may provide additional benefit when coughing is present).
  • Also increases resistance to stress and improves stamina , so is ideal to take when feeling run down.

How it works

In Chinese medicine, your Qi (pronounced �chee�) is the vital energy or life force that fuels your daily activities, and Defensive Qi is a specific form of Qi responsible for maintaining your resistance against disease. According to this philosophy, a deficiency or imbalance of Defensive Qi may cause you to feel run down, repeatedly catch minor respiratory infections such as colds or flu, or lead to symptoms of sore throat, runny nose, fatigue or poor concentration.

Astra 8� Immune Tonic combines eight powerful herbal medicines traditionally used to restore and maintain Qi, thus supporting your resistance against minor infections.

Astragalus is a warming herb that restores Qi and supports Lung Qi. Its traditional use as a supportive remedy for those prone to colds is supported by scientific studies showing that it modulates key immune system cells.

Other herbs in Astra 8� Immune Tonic that support Qi and immune health include:

  • Schisandra, traditionally considered particularly beneficial for the Lung organ-meridian (which is responsible for the production and distribution of Defensive Qi)
  • Reishi mushroom (also known as Ganoderma), which is traditionally taken to relieve weakness and fatigue , improve stamina, and help reduce susceptibility to recurrent upper respiratory infections
  • Siberian ginseng, which may have a modulating effect on key types of immune cells involved in fighting minor infection, while also helping to improve the body�s ability to adapt to stress

Frequently asked questions

I am frequently getting sick and taking a long time to recover, is this the right formula for me?

Yes! This is the formula in the Fusion� Health range that helps to modulate the immune system to support a healthy immune response. The Fusion� Astra 8� Immune Tonic can help manage recurrent illnesses (such as colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infections), support vital energy (Qi) and assist recovery during convalescence.


I am sick at the moment, can I take this formula?

This formula is not recommended to assist people who are in an acute stage of illness, such as the beginning of flu or upper respiratory tract infection, where fever is present. Fusion� Cold & Flu (link) would be more suited to this stage of illness. Fusion� Astra 8� may be taken to reduce recurrent minor infection and to assist in the recovery stage of illness.


I�ve got Chronic fatigue syndrome, is this the right formula for me?

Yes, we recommend this formula for people who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and to support recovery during convalescence. Astra 8� is an adaptogenic formula to help strengthen non specific immunity, increase resistance to stress and improve stamina.


How long should I take it for?

For recovery from an illness especially an infection take the recommended dose, only once the initial acute stage of infection has subsided, for 2-4 weeks or until fully recovered. For assisting in the management of chronic fatigue syndrome take the recommended dose for 2-6 months.


Is Astra 8�Immune Tonic contraindicated in people taking immune suppressant medication?

The ingredients in Astra 8� and Astragalus 8� have a modulating mechanism of action on the immune system. What that means is this formula works to help normalise immune function, supporting a healthy immune response, rather than stimulate it. Therefore, people on immune suppressant medication may benefit from an immune tonic, but only under advice and supervision of a healthcare professional.


Is the Ganoderma in Astra 8�/Astragalus 8�- tested for heavy metals?

All herbal extracts used in the manufacture of all our products (including Astra 8�/Astragalus 8�) are independently laboratory tested for heavy metals (specifically lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury) to ensure they comply with guidelines for complementary medicines in Australia.


ach tablet contains extracts equivalent to dry:

Astragalus membranaceus
equiv. to polysaccharides 140mg



Ligustrum lucidum



Atractylodes macrocephala



Codonopsis pilosula



Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)

fruiting body


Eleutherococcus senticosus



Schisandra chinensis



Glycyrrhiza uralensis (Licorice)

root & stolen


NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, yeast, gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy or animal products.
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


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