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Raw greens 120g by Amazonia

Amazonia Raw Greens is an alkalising raw superfoods powder containing nutrient-dense, live bio-available greens, sprouts, leaves, juices, grasses, algae, herbs and natural sea minerals. This is one of the most comprehensive green-specific formulas available.


o   Full spectrum of green-specific ingredients

o   Leafy greens, herbs, sprouts, juices, algae & grasses

o   Vegan and raw

o   Live bio-available ingredients

o   Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, lactose, gluten, caffeine & GMOs

o   Nothing artificial, no synthetic nutrients or minerals


o   Easily digestable

o   Alkalising - reduce acidity in the body

o   Safe & healthy during pregnancy

o   Full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants


Raw Natural Green Algae Blend: Natural Sea Mineral Complex, algae powder (74 trace minerals), Organic Spirulina, algae powder, Organic Chlorella, algae powder.

Raw, Sprouted Green Vegetable and Grasses Blend: Organic Alfalfa Grass, sprout powder F.D., Organic Wheatgrass, sprout juice powder F.D., Organic Barley Grass, sprout juice powder F.D., Organic Quinoa, sprout powder F.D., Organic Amaranth, sprout powder F.D.
Organic Green Apple, fruit powder F.D., Organic Broccoli, sprout powder F.D., Organic Jerusalem Artichoke.

Trace Mineral Complex (Algae Derived Raw Leafy Green Blend)
Organic Nettle, leaf powder, Organic Parsley, leaf powder, Organic Spinach, leaf powder F.D., Organic Kale, leaf powder F.D.
Organic Rosemary, leaf powder.

Alkalising Herbal Blend: Lemon, juice powder, Organic Nopal, cladode powder, Dandelion, herbal extract powder, Milk Thistle, herbal extract powder

Natural Vanilla Flavour (Vanilla extract), Natural Native Mint Flavour, Stevia, leaf extract powder


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