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Coconut Palm Sugar by Sungods

Sungods Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is sustainably and ethically sourced from Indonesia.  Coconut Palm Sugar is a great tasting, mineral rich, low GI (35) cane sugar alternative, produced from coconut palm blossoms. It is harvested using traditional methods, then evaporated and crushed into a unique, unbleached, sugar alternative. Coconut Palm Sugar looks like dry brown sugar and has a delicious caramel flavour.


o   Certified Organic and minimally processed

o   High nutritional content - contains potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron

o   Natural source of of the vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C

o   Rich in other minerals and enzymes which slow the absorption into the bloodstream  - making it low GI

o   Coconut Sugar is primarily Sucrose based (up to 89% depending on the crop) which means it may be suitable to individuals with a fructose sensitivity.         *  please note  it may contain some fructose - 3 to 5%.

Recommended Usage: 

o   Replace 1:1 with cane sugar in beverages like coffee/tea or homemade lemonade/iced tea

o   Incorporated into all your favourite dessert recipes

Country of Origin: Indonesia


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