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Goji Berries by Sungods

Goji berries (Lycium Barbarum) have been used for thousands of years in East Asian food and medicine. This mild, tangy fruit is a little sweet and sour and is usually found dried.



o   Nutrient dense

o   Contains 18 amino acids; including the 8 essential ones

o   Excellent source of vitamin A - contain more beta carotene than carrots,

o   A rich source of vitamin C; having 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than oranges

o   Goji berries have 21 trace minerals including germanium; a substance rarely found in foods, vitamins B1, B2, B6, and vitamin E

o   ORAC (anti-oxidant) score of 25,300 (for comparison, blueberries score 2400, green tea 1686, and broccoli 890).

o   Goji Berries have a long history of use for eye problems, skin rashes, psoriasis, allergies, insomnia, liver health, and balancing blood sugar.

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Great to soak at night to put in breakfast cereal, tasty to eat as they are .

Sungods a great South Australian company



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